Subscriptions: The Evolving Customer Relationship (with guest Forrester analyst)

Missed our live webinar hosted by MPP Global's Consultant Ben Catterall and Forrester Analyst Lily Varon on Thursday 1 June? The webinar discussed examples of how relationships with customers are evolving, how recurring business models are continually adapting & diversifying to generate sustainable revenue and what flexible cloud technology can offer businesses in a competitive digital landscape. For a copy of the webinar deck, please email [email protected].

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Subscription Disruption

Subscriptions are no longer a sector-specific phenomenon. It’s global, it’s across every industry, it’s disrupting marketplaces, and it’s forcing businesses to invest and change with the times. The webinar will discuss how customers have evolved; they are tech-savvy and have an appetite for convenience, but aren’t afraid to jump ship if the product, the service or the experience isn’t right.

The Age of the Customer

The time to target named individuals, not segments, is now. The ability to create personalised 1:1 relationships has never been so important. Each customer has their own individual preferences and behaviour, and such focus is forcing businesses to evolve, evaluate existing technology and develop targeted campaigns, products, services and content to engage audiences.

Business Model Innovation

Businesses globally are in a continual state of design, test and iterate - similar to an agile development process - when it comes to business model(s). While most are starting to favour recurring revenue models as opposed to traditional straight-through transactions, one size does not fit all still rings true, yet there are common approaches across models we can learn from and will explore in the webinar.

Flexibility & Intelligence

Businesses can really thrive in a digital-centric marketplace, differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out to customers if innovation is embraced. Data is the key that unlocks the door to innovation and flexible technology is what enables businesses to turn ideas into actions, and unleash opportunities to create more intelligent and personalised models to gain maximum uptake.

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