Turning Data Into Actionable Insights: Improving Your Pay TV Service User Experience

Data is the fundamental pillar to know what your subscribers really want even before they know it and it’s revolutionising the way PayTV delivers their services and collecting the data they need to make their TV entertainment experience unique and their business performance excel. In this webinar, our Head of Product , Mark Walker, discusses how understanding your subscribers is the only marketing strategy your company needs. With competition as fierce as ever, PayTV operators must relentlessly engage subscribers to win them over and keep them.  

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Imperative Data To Deliver The Best TV Offering

What are the challenges you find the hardest when it comes to collecting the data, and how do you know which is the data that will have an impact on your subscribers experience.

Video Service Transformation Into Entertainment Experiences

What are the key elements for the transformation of video services into data-driven entertainment experiences? – and what are the benefits from such transformation. Which is the starting point to create a data-driven user TV service?

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