VOD in 2014: Challenges, Concepts & Opportunities

Video on demand (VOD) is one part of a major shift in how people consume content. It’s a large and growing industry, but it requires new creative models for distribution. Consumers have complex demands and the technology picture is no less complicated.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Challenges of VOD

Despite all the opportunities created by VOD, many companies are struggling to make money from this channel. We assess the challenges of monetizing content, looking at issues like engagement, localization, big data and infrastructure.

How to Overcome Problems

We consider how publishers must move away from legacy systems and adopt cutting-edge solutions that provide more flexibility to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile consumer base.

Centralizing CRM

Key to the challenge of VOD is customer relationship management, or CRM. In the webinar we discuss how having a complete view of customers adds value to media companies and publishers as they can target content, offers and more to their audience.


Finally we consider the success of NOW TV and how it offers viewers the chance to watch VOD without the need to sign up to a lengthy contract. How can other publishers learn from this example and more?

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