Winnipeg Free Press: Micropayments & the Customer

Christian Panson, VP of Digital at Winnipeg Free Press joins us to discuss what led the newspaper to introduce a revolutionary post-pay micropayments model with its customers at the heart.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Understand Audiences & Consumer Behavior

The implementation of a data wall, enables publishers to collect crucial consumer demographic information even before they register. With this information, media companies can better target & market products and offers to its audience, helping to offer a more customer focused approach and increase acquisition and revenue.

Offer a Customer Centric Service

Winnipeg Free Press has placed its audiences at the centre of its new business model. Find out how the newspaper has focused on providing a service it knows its readers will engage with, from the ability to dip in and out of the service, to refunding their own purchases.

Drive Digital Content Access

With consumers accessing content in new ways, publishers need to ensure they are reaching their consumers in the most suitable way. Winnipeg Free Press is one publisher who is focused of providing value to its readers with its digital content by offering a new way to access online articles and only pay for what they read.

Post-pay Micropayments

Micropayments are not unheard of and with the likes of iTunes thriving off them, the audiences of today are happy to pay-as-you-go. For publishers, a post-pay micropayments model enables the organization to reach and monetize segments of its audience who are not already subscribers.

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