Grow OTT Revenues: Maximise Conversions & Minimise Churn

Published on 14/11/2016

With more OTT services emerging across the market, it has become even more critical for TV operators and broadcasters to be aware of what they need, to ensure the success of a service. It is essential for any organisation launching or enhancing an OTT service to be aware of the key considerations, tactics and strategies for maximising conversions and minimising churn.

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Leveraging Audience Data

Data holds a host of audience insight which operators can collect, analyse and use to optimise the experience for the consumer, surfacing more relevant content to them or creating compelling incentives to motivate anonymous visitors to register, and ultimately, become paying customers.

Maximising Conversions

Attracting consumers has often been a challenge for any subscription business, but for OTT operators it has become especially critical to drive acquisitions. From offers and free trials to discounts and voucher codes, organisations can leverage a range of tactics to grow audiences and revenues.

Minimising Churn

With 20% of US broadband households cancelling at least one OTT service, operators need to take into consideration the different ways to reduce subscriber churn. Organisations of today can protect subscription revenues with predictive churn algorithms and advanced customer retention services.

Service Considerations

While many TV organisations have considered or launched an OTT service, it is essential to understand which factors can play a significant role in the success of the service. From target audience to the type of service, operators need to monitor and adhere to these factors to ensure the service stays on track to succeed.

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