Reader Revenues – How to Accelerate Growth

Published on 10/05/2019

This whitepaper aims to highlight some of the most exciting, unusual and ground-breaking ways that publishers from around the world have engaged with their readers and driven both digital and physical subscriptions. From incentives and offers to crowdfunding and bundling, the options available to publishers are wide and varied, especially for those who use technology to their advantage rather than treating it as a problem.

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What You'll Learn in This Whitepaper

Incentives & Offers

One of the most popular ways to get people to buy and consume your publications has always been to incentivise it.

Print & Digital Bundles

Bundling together print and digital subscriptions is the most obvious way to give subscribers the best of both worlds.

Non-News Products

People don’t just subscribe because they want to read the words, so publishers need to focus on more than just the journalistic content.


Attracting digital natives to pay for your content is a problem as old as the World Wide Web, but there are ever more options for making this work.

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