Experience Optimization

Increase Subscriber Revenues and Engagement with Personalized Products, Prices & Promotions

Convert More Visitors into Paying Subscribers

One of the biggest commercial objectives of any media company is to acquire and convert more paying subscribers.

✘ You don’t want to be held back by cumbersome front-end customization that requires technical resource or weeks to configure personalized marketing campaigns.
✓ You do want a light-weight, automated conversion tool that is easy-to-use and gets your new ideas live in seconds to promote products & promotions!

eSuite’s Experience Optimization, enables marketers to deliver personalized subscriber experiences that engage, convert & retain. eSuite provides content owners with the tools to create new packages & offers in the back-end and trigger personalized recommendations & dynamic paywalls on the front-end. Deliver an outstanding experience for your audiences and increase conversion rates exponentially.

→ Experiment & refine subscriber acquisition and retention strategies in real-time
→ Segment audiences and build personalized product packages, prices & offers
→ Make data-driven decisions with segmented campaign performance insight

Deliver Exceptional Subscriber Experiences

Launch event-based triggers to increase likelihood of conversion

Dynamic Paywall Capability

Maximize conversions by configuring flexible access control rules to serve up a dynamic paywall consisting of affinity, promotion or popularity-based packages & offers at key events.

Intelligent Audience Segmentation

Import or create audiences based on various attributes and trigger real-time personalized experiences based on segment action & intent, while analyzing and comparing segment data along the way.

Experiment Freely Without Technical Expertise

Conceptualize, build and test subscriber experiences in real-time. Create rules & logic from scratch or with customizable templates without relying on development resource.

Automate Recommendations

Deliver personalized products, pricing, promotions & retention strategies. Predictive analytics accurately profile your customers & personalize each segment's experiences in real-time to drive the perfect customer journey across all digital channels.

A/B Multi-Variate Testing

Mix simple A/B testing with dynamically scaling campaigns to maximize success rates, whilst down scaling those that aren't. Utilize dynamic testing to drive users to the most successful products & offers.

Subscriber Retention Campaigns

Know your customers' intent before they do. Combat churn by triggering subscriptions to switch to a personalized product, discounted rate, or a win-back offer based on user data to retain custom.

Built for You

Exponentially Increase Subscription Conversions


Super easy for non-technical marketers & no coding required. Focus on getting live quickly, whilst automating the manual aspects of personalization.

Subscription Managers

Grow subscription revenues using dynamic paywalls that surface optimized pricing, packages & promotions at the perfect point in the subscriber journey.

Data Analysts

Our AI-powered Experience Optimization functionality enables Data Scientists to tap into predictive targeting & scale campaigns which are performing well.


Get up and running instantly with a light-weight integration. Experience Optimization only requires a fewscript tags to integrate seamlessly.

See Experience Optimisation in Action