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OTT Billing Systems, Video Monetisation & Subscription Software

Monetizing Content Just Got Easier

Technology is fundamentally changing how and where consumers access content.

Technology is fundamentally changing how and where consumers access content.

Media and entertainment companies are searching for new ways to monetize products and services and are now developing multiple paid content strategies that focus on delivering digital across all platforms.

MPP Global provides a comprehensive set of tools that enables you to address the multi-screen challenge. We deliver identity management, eCommerce and entitlement authentication enabling you to unlock new revenue streams, increase market share and a loyal, growing customer base.

Rapidly deploy our cloud platform, feature rich and in use by the biggest TV players around the world, whilst you create and curate great content. Together, we’ll develop smart content and video monetization solutions to succeed in a digital world.

TV & Entertainment Solutions

Find Innovative Solutions to Manage Your Business & Customers

Broad Range of Monetization Options

We accommodate a broad range of business models for different services, including D2C (Direct-to-Consumer), free-to-air distribution models, tiered and metered subscriptions, rentals, purchases, content syndication and advertising.

OTT, IPTV & TV Everywhere Services

Step into the next age of entertainment with IPTV and OTT services. We provide a ready-made cost effective solution with services ranging from Identity Management and CRM through to payment and subscription services.

Churn Management

Customers with a recurring subscription are very valuable and churn management is critical. We help reduce churn with customer retention campaigns organized to target potential churners personalized offers and channels. We also offer win-back functionality targeting churners and encouraging them to re-subscribe.

Offer Management

Attract, acquire and retain customers with product, video and subscription offers such as free period offers, gifting and targeted promotions. Engagement optimization drives your customer retention programs and provides a material difference to your bottom line.

Advanced Billing

Working alongside credit card, bank transfer, PayPal and other payment types, eSuite can be integrated into your existing Direct-To-Home (DTH) billing platform, enabling frictionless payments and entitlement management from existing customers.

Subscription Management

We manage the entire billing life cycle of a digital or linear subscription. eSuite determines the time, amount and payment method of renewals and allocates content entitlements accordingly. Before content is served to customers, eSuite APIs can be called to check access and entitlement permissions.

Built for You

eSuite is Designed by the Media, for the Media

Service Providers

Quickly aggregate traditional linear, catch-up TV and video-on-demand (VOD) content into a scalable and cost effective OTT service.


Create a unified solution for a fragmented audience; get closer to your customers and sell digital content in a Direct-to-Consumer model.

OTT/VOD Operators

Create multiple service packages, have a single view of customers and make it easier to launch new business models and marketing campaigns.

TV Networks

Market compelling OTT services with the flexibility to test different business models, providing a centralized view of your customers.

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'SF Studios'

Founded almost 100 years ago, SF Studios has been the leading film company in the Nordics with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden and subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark and Finland. The company produces filmed...


eSuite has proven to be an incredibly flexible platform. We know that when our business requirements change, there’s a solution to support us and quickly bring new ideas to market. We’re confident that with eSuite, we can innovate our business without restriction.

Ted Björling OTT Video Manager

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