Case Study: MPP and Adobe Power CRM and Payments for The Daily Mail

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 13 October 2014

When dmg media decided to extend its digital coverage for the Daily Mail it needed to create an inspired platform for its content as well as an online payment solution to handle transactions and customer data. 

The company selected MPP Global Solutions to implement the payment system and it has organically moved much of the current client base over to the new customer relationship management program. 

MPP has been involved in a successful partnership with Adobe for a long time and the popular Digital Publishing Suite was used to create the sleek looking interface of Mail Plus for iPad. Mail Plus is also available on a range of devices including other tablets, PCs and smartphones.  

A new case study documents how MPP has rolled out a new system for dmg media and how it is helping the firm boost its digital revenues. 

Paul Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at MPP, said: “This case study details how a successful publishing company adapted its product to suit the extraordinary growth in demand for digital content. 

“MPP is proud to provide dmg media with its online payment platform.” 

Consumers are increasingly reading news content whenever and however they want to, meaning publishers are quickly moving their product online to offer readers instant access through their computers or mobile devices. 

As print media wanes, many companies are turning to the internet to boost profits and improve their overall service. The number of online readers is only going to grow as smartphone and tablet sales carry on rising at an incredible rate. 

Indeed, Mail Plus was selling almost 15,000 paid for copies a day in September, jumping from just under 10,000 in April 2013, according to the ABC. 

With a large number of consumers purchasing a tablet and the internet infrastructure consistently improving, especially with 4G technology, people are able to tailor how they view content. 

Mail Online has already proven popular all over the world and dmg media quickly recognised the need to provide an additional platform, designed for mobile device users. This became Mail Plus and the case study documents how dmg media, MPP and Adobe overcame the challenges to create the best possible mobile experience.