Coventry City Football Club Implement MPP Global’s Registration and eWallet Services

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 14 January 2003

The MPP Global web registration service enables you to register your customers / website visitors before they can access premium areas of your website. The service is ideal for sports and fan clubs that have both loyal and longstanding customers. The product allows you to register and profile visitors to the website and build up a database of all your customers. You can then search on a range of Customer fields and extract data to either send email, SMS or post. Even better, the system enables you to choose your own Customer fields! The service is designed to either compliment your existing CRM platforms and strategy or provide a one-stop shop. Coventry have also made use of MPP Global’s eWallet to sell tickets online, via email and SMS. Their fans conduct repeated transactions, with fans simply adding a PIN to authorise the transaction. For repeat purchases, they are only ever 4 digits away from buying.