MPP Global Delivers Messages Of Hope User-Generated-Content Website

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 16 December 2009

MPP Global is pleased to announce its relationship with Blue August Creations, to help them realise their vision of a user-generated content website for sufferers of debilitating and terminal diseases. It allows both sufferers and carers to find, view and share digital video messages, giving people support and advice in the tough times they face following diagnosis. Whilst Blue August is a company more accustomed to delivering entertainment programming to clients such as ITV and Turner, it turned its attention to the creation of the site after spotting a gap in the care and counselling network whilst making a documentary about breast cancer called “The C Word”.

MPP Global was selected specifically to power the online service due to its vast experience in online video delivery and ecommerce solutions. The service can be found at the address

In addition to building and hosting the website, MPP Global provided a full, bespoke design tailored to the client’s look and feel requirements. Users are able to upload video content seamlessly and watch from a branded flash video player, with automatic encoding to suitable file formats from avi, mpg, wmv and other common formats for flash playback.

MPP Global has an extensive workflow and approval process for new videos, ensuring unsuitable content is checked and not published if inappropriate. A blog and comment forum is accessible, providing users and visitors the opportunity to provide words of encouragement and other feedback to users who have posted video content.

Richard Alexander, the MD at Blue August and the originator of the portal, said: “MPP Global demonstrated to us the power of its iShop and digital video services, together with an exceptional technical grasp for developing such a cutting edge website. We are extremely happy with the outcome and are certain the site will help victims of illnesses find direct and invaluable support.”

Paul Johnson, CEO at MPP Global comments: “We are delighted to add Messages of Hope to our growing list of User-Generated Content websites and look forward to supporting them for all current and future requirements.”

About Blue August Creations

Going back to late 1996 the company was started by its current MD Richard Alexander and has supplied hundreds of reality-based entertainment shows to clients, like ITV, Granada Sky Broadcasting and Turner. After making a documentary featuring a group of women and a man with breast cancer, Mr Alexander chose to pursue a completely different route, eschewing all traditional methods normally employed in the broadcast industry; in other words, this project has not been externally commissioned, it is not for profit and is available to anyone who needs it at any time and will be overjoyed if somebody wants to join the venture to help move it on to even bigger and better things.