MPP Global and Dynamic Yield Partner to Automate Personalized Customer Experiences

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

MPP Global, the world’s smartest subscription platform, and Dynamic Yield, the world’s first personalization technology stack, today announced a partnership to help clients automate individualized experiences that maximize customer lifetime value.

The marriage of MPP Global’s eSuite platform and Dynamic Yield’s machine learning powered personalization engine will provide media and retail companies with a personalized and tailored subscription marketing and management solution that integrates seamlessly.

MPP Global works with well-known media entities like Daily Mail Group and McClatchy to utilize a variety of business models that appeal to its consumers. eSuite users are currently able to manually deploy and test rule-based offerings based on target audience’s behaviors to effectively market to potential subscribers. Dynamic Yield has deep expertise in offering individualized experiences across platforms, working with top brands like Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Stitchfix and Hallmark Channel. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are able to automate the customized, rule-based offerings within eSuite to offer the subscription package that makes the most sense for an individual consumer.

“In a world where today’s customers demand smarter engagement from brands, it’s critical to evolve the omni-channel customer acquisition strategy,” said Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global. “With the success of companies adopting the subscription business model, organizations are redefining the online transaction experience. We’re incredibly excited to partner with Dynamic Yield to offer organizations revolutionary personalization and targeting capabilities to serve a new generation of subscribers and maximize customer lifetime value.”

By personalizing the way consumers can transact with brands to better meet their needs, the companies will create an end-to-end subscription ecosystem. Subscription-based companies can target customers in more personalized ways — giving consumers what they want and when they want it across their entire customer journey. More personalized offerings will optimize engagement, drive conversions and increase retention.

“Deploying personalization at scale is the key to engaging and monetizing digital audiences in media and retail,” said Charles Brun, Director of Channels at Dynamic Yield. “We’re excited to combine Dynamic Yield’s personalization stack with MPP Global’s superior subscription technology to craft truly individualized experiences throughout the customer journey.”