MPP Global Powers Identity Management, CRM & eCommerce For MyMail

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 02 April 2015

dmg media, the company behind the popular UK-based newspapers The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday, Metro as well as MailOnline and Elite Daily, has further extended its relationship with MPP Global to support the launch of a new customer portal, MyMail. MyMail builds on the incredible success of the Mail Rewards Club and provides a rich gateway to the loyalty benefits and the wider Mail commerce sites.

MPP Global technology also provides registration and subscription billing functionality to the tablet edition of the Daily Mail and the You Beauty Discovery beauty box.

dmg media is underpinning parts of its digital strategy using MPP Global’s eSuite, the market leading cloud-based Identity Management, CRM and eCommerce platform. More than 800,000 customer records were migrated into eSuite as part of the project, ensuring that all relevant customer information is housed in one place.

eSuite’s Identity Management and CRM module enables the complete customer lifecycle from registration, authentication and single-sign-on, whilst providing a single, centralized view of all customers. Identity Management and CRM provides the bedrock to launch additional services such as gamification, online shopping and subscriptions.

eSuite’s eCommerce and Billing module, which includes one-click payments and eWallet capability, enables dmg media to retail a range of digital or physical products across multiple devices; also centralizing revenues through a single platform.

Subscription management controls the entire billing lifecycle of a subscription and enables powerful content bundling. dmg media can create payment schedules, subscription packages and manage recurring payments; in addition to providing subscriptions as a gift for customers who feel the Mail products would be enjoyed by family or friends.

“The launch of MyMail speaks to our commitment to providing a more valuable and simplified online environment for our clients,” said Chris Cheney, CTO at MPP Global.

Steve Homan, CIO at dmg media, said: “With MPP Global’s Identity Management, CRM and eCommerce platform at the heart of the MyMail platform we now have a central account and payment engine that opens up a number of exciting opportunities across our digital assets.”