MPP Global Launches Advanced Management Tool eHQ

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 31 October 2012

MPP Global, the leading provider of payment services and eCommercesolutions to the media and entertainment sectors, has announced the arrival of eHQ, an advanced back office management solution and the latest offering in their eSuite portfolio of products.

eHQ enables MPP Global’s clients to completely self-manage payment and CRM features such as customer service, product and subscription management  and promotion and campaign administration. Advanced reporting functionality is also offered across a wide range of information such as financial reconciliation, marketing campaign reporting and customer history.

eSuite, of which eHQ is a component, is billed as the most advanced suite of media and entertainment specific payment solutions for the 21st Century and was launched in 2011 by MPP Global as the culmination of over 11 years of experience providing payment services to the likes of BSkyB, News Corp, Philips and Universal Music Group. eHQ draws together all of the individual products by providing an advanced management system enabling MPP Global’s clients to easily manage their eCommerce functionality and access complex reporting tools.

Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global, said: “With eHQ we are once again demonstrating that MPP Global is at the leading edge of eCommerce and truly have the client’s objectives and requirements at the heart of everything we do. Launching eSuite in 2011 was a defining moment for MPP Global, as we were able to offer a level of payment and eCommerce functionality tailored specifically to the media and entertainment sectors that wasn’t available anywhere else.”

eSuite is made up of six powerful products, eShop, ePayment, eDeveloper and the all-encompassing eAnywhere, as well as eHQ and the consumer self-care module eManager, which collectively monetises content on demand anytime, through any channel, anywhere.

Paul added: “By enabling our clients to self-manage their eCommerce portfolio, by offering dynamic user-defined dashboards and widgets and providing easy to access reporting, we deliver an unbeatable cost saving to the client and a level of functionality not available anywhere else.

“eHQ is an analytics engine, product management tool, financial reconciliation engine and a CRM platform rolled into one. We are very proud to be able to offer this advanced management console to all existing and future clients on the MPP Global roster.”