MPP Global To Partner With Zappware

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 06 September 2011

MPP Global and Zappware NV have joined forces to provide cutting edge advanced interactive television services for broadcasters and content owners looking to monetise digital content around the globe.

MPP Global, the leading provider of payment services and eCommerce solutions to the media and entertainment industries and Zappware, a leading developer of off-the-shelf and custom designed end-to-end interactive digital television solutions, will now prove a dominant force in driving the monetisation of digital content through eCommerce powered apps and video on demand services for Connected-TVs, tablets and smartphones.

Paul Johnson, CEO for MPP Global, said: “This exciting new partnership with Zappware brings together the very best in integrated eCommerce payment solutions and the leading provider in intuitive and creative EPGs, VOD portals and apps.

This natural partnership offers content owners the opportunity to monetise digital content through seamless, broadly integrated digital platforms building on the years of expertise of both companies.”

MPP Global’s advanced eCommerce payments platform eSuite is built on three core pillars providing full integration with multiple payment types such as credit and debit card, direct debit and mobile billing. Multiple payment methods such as Pre and Post-pay micropayments, subscriptions and real time, and payment channels including web, mobile and connected-TV.

The predicted growth in connected-TVs will open up new revenue streams as more and more consumers switch on their TV to gain the “full internet experience” of viewing, streaming videos, shopping and networking.

Zappware delivers a range of off-the-shelf and custom-designed end-to-end solutions for electronic program guides (EPGs), video-on-demand (VoD) portals, personal video recording (PVR) applications, and red-button applications, featuring their iView Application Delivery Platform in the back-end with which MPP Global’s payment engine has integrated. Zappware’s multi-screen solutions have been deployed with numerous operators in Europe.

Koen Swings, CTO for Zappware, said: “This fantastic partnership with MPP Global will help provide a crucial bridge between Interactive TV Solutions and integrated eCommerce payment platforms.

“Driving the delivery and monetisation of content from the leading content owners and broadcasters across Europe is an exciting proposition, and one which we are well placed to deliver.”