Sky and MPP Global Continue to Innovate

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 12 August 2013

MPP Global is in the spotlight once again following the launch of the Sky Sports Day Pass on NOW TV. The service offers a new way to watch live Sky Sports with no contract, set-up costs or installation, with MPP Global powering the payment, subscription and entitlement modules of the service.

NOW TV employs modules of MPP Global’s award-winning eSuite technology. The technology enables Sky to offer easy access and flexible pricing packages whilst maintaining the highest levels of security. Supported by MPP Global’s cutting edge eCommerce modules, Sky Sports on NOW TV offers customers access to all six Sky Sports channels for 24 hours for just £9.99. Highlights available include Barclay’s Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Formula 1 and three of the four golf Majors.

MPP Global’s eSuite platform enables NOW TV a fast and smooth centralized payment solution that makes processing customer-friendly. Drawing upon the core functionality of MPP Global’s eSuite, NOW TV uses centralized eWallet technology, one-click transactions and a wide range of payment integrations across multiple payment types, methods and channels.

For existing NOW TV customers, eSuite will allow them to purchase Sky Sports with just one click. A developer’s toolkit enables Sky to take payments quickly and securely via an extensive range of ready-made APIs which are able to process the most complex payment and account transactions and self-care area is employed to enable customers to add or remove subscriptions, display their order history or update their preferred payment method.

New customers to NOW TV and subsequently the Sports package will be processed with MPP Global’s eCommerce module. Client-branded payment pages are inserted into the consumer payment process which provides MPP Global’s level1 PCI compliance and reduces the timescale of development because of MPP Global’s long list of ready-made processing tools. NOW TV has seamlessly integrated the hosted payment gateway thus providing customers with MPP Global’s leading billing platform.

A working relationship dating back to 2005 has allowed MPP Global to understand the goals of Sky and NOW TV.

Chris Cheney, CTO of MPP Global, said: “NOW TV and its Sky Sports package continues to prove Sky’s position as an innovator in content delivery. Sky needed to provide a highly flexible and fully integrated, easy to use and accessible eCommerce service to NOW TV. We are proud that once again, MPP Global’s eSuite has been the solution for an industry leader. Our reputation is borne of our business partners and we like to think we share the leading edge together.”