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MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 01 December 2010

Monetising digital content “has never been easier” thanks to the explosion of Convergent Media, reports a leading advanced eCommerce services expert. Kevin Cochrane, Commercial Director for MPP Global, says the rapid growth of Convergent Media has created a new way for companies and brands to communicate and do business with their customers.

Kevin said: “Connected-TV, the web, IPTV, smart phones, iPads and tablets have opened up unparalleled opportunities to ensure that each and every contact between brand and consumer is monetised 24/7.

“At MPP Global, much like the iTunes’ online payment solution, we put our clients’ customers one-click away from any product. Monetising digital content or products, even with micropayments, has never been easier.

Kevin says it is this explosion in Convergent Media which continues to drive the importance of having a new cross-platform payment presence to help track, shape and influence consumer choice and behaviour across the new digital landscape.

Traditional linear marketing has been superseded by a complex matrix of relationships between brands and consumers as brand-directed communications continues to ebb. Media agencies are now placing digital media planning at the core of their service offer to clients in response to media owners offering brands direct access to a multi-platform presence in order to access a specific digital target audience.

Kevin added: “The rapid adoption by consumers of social media such as YouTube and the subsequent fragmentation of TV audiences and erosion of advertising revenue has required media owners to develop new revenue streams.

“This represents both a threat and an opportunity that requires a multi-platform strategy which anticipates the non-linear consumption of audio, video, social media and news. Technologies such as TiVo, which enable consumers to decide when, where and on what device they consume content, provides an opportunity to monetise this highly personal relationship with the consumer and also to strengthen that relationship.”

Operated as Software as a Service, the MPP Global platform enables its clients to create a single payment account for their customers which enables a seamless payment journey across any platform – and any continent. MPP Global’s Cloud payment solution reduces operating costs and also helps to drive ARPU.

Kevin added: “We support credit and debit cards, direct debit, mobile billing and local payment types in use in all territories from Chile to Japan. When applied to real-time or recurring transactions and micropayments convergent media and, specifically, convergent payments are now available to all our customers.”

MPP Global is the leading provider of cross platform payment solutions and is the means by which media owners can ensure that traditional business models are adapted to exploit the new Convergent Media domain.

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