Why are Big Brands Adopting D2C Models?

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) models are on the rise as big brands realize the benefits of cutting out the retail 'middle-man' to sell their goods directly to the customer. In this webinar, MPP Global's retail experts deep-dive into why brands are adopting this model and ways in which they have successfully capitalized on fulfilling the demands of the customer. Presented by our Subscription Specialist, Ben Catterall and Industry Consultant, Natalie Eastwood, watch our latest retail webinar on demand now by entering your email address.

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What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Benefits of Going Direct-to-Consumer

We discuss the various benefits of creating a D2C channel and how the technology landscape has evolved to enabled companies to achieve this without being dependent on the retailer. Learn why you should cut out the retail 'middle-man' to improve your margins among many other benefits such as gaining new customers and improving brand loyalty.

A Consumer-Led Marketplace

Consumers are changing the landscape with their demands. Brands are recognizing that a once superior consumer experience of convenience, next-day delivery and a personalized service is now considered industry standard. Find out how self-gifting, discovery, machine learning/AI play an important role in next-generation consumer experience.

Reclaim your Relationships

Find out how to build a direct relationship with your customers, develop brand advocacy and loyalty. Capture big data that is usually monopolized by retailers. Find new opportunities for personalized marketing, cross-selling and gaining quality feedback. We will also examine how including the direct consumer into your supply chain brings up new challenges, e.g. GDPR.

Best of Breed

We take a look at brands that have successfully adopted a D2C model and analysing successful strategies. Find out which revenue models are the most lucrative and how you can utilize memberships, VIP clubs and delivery passes to retain your customers.

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