How to Avoid “Subscriber Spinning” and Churn in OTT

Webinar Language: Spanish

The emergence of new OTT competitors with strong content catalogues is triggering a new consumer behavior: subscribers are spinning from one SVOD OTT to another. The reasons might be varied: the attraction of the latest big release; the curiosity to explore alternative libraries; or, in case of live sport OTTs, the need to get the best events of a season. While new D2C services are being launched, recent studies show there is a market saturation for SVOD stacking. Without any bundling options at hand to boost customer retention in most cases, the dilemma affects even Pay TV providers as they move to OTT Pay TV (vMVPDs) offerings.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Audience Insights

What are the characteristics of subscriber behaviour in Latin America?

Retention Tactics

What are the best strategies to keep subscribers loyal throughout the year?

Market Trends

Is it possible to avoid the “seasonal effect” for hit series and sports leagues?

Churn Management

How to identify risky subscribers to prevent churn and boost customer retention?

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