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Killer Strategies to Drive Subscriber Retention with Payment Optimization

WEBINAR: 15/07/2020
Coupled with acquisition, customer retention is the key to building longer-lasting relationships with subscribers. On average, churn can cost up to 30% of service-revenues, having a stifling effect on business growth and expansion. 

Join our webinar, where we'll be discussing:

  1. Market insights - benchmark churn rates
  2. Churn variations - why do subscribers churn?
  3. Payment optimization - a dummies guide to success
  4. Retention tactics - how to retain subscribers for longer

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What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Churn Variations

Centralize product management and deploy a range of customer checkout & self-care journeys in minutes.

Market Insights

Remove barriers to purchase with a wide range of payment methods within one seamless integration.

Retention Tactics

Flexibility to build & launch subscriptions, products, bundles, carts, gifts and account groups.

Payment Optimization

Streamline purchase journeys by creating a single identity and wallet for customers.

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