Metering: More than Just Paywalls

MPP Global discusses how metering is emerging as one of the most popular and successful technologies in publishing. Metering technology is being used to drive direct customer revenues, improve user experiences and maximize advertising conversions. This webinar looks at how publishers can get more from metering than simply limiting a user’s access to content.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

How Have Meters Been Used Previously?

The implementation of meters has previously focused on limiting a user’s access to content, providing the publishing company with an insight into anonymous users and those who are willing to pay for content. These models have been effective for a range of publishers and have played a key role in the development of metering technology.

What Does the Future Hold for Metering Technology?

Publishers are aware of paywalls in their various guises, but with the evolving technology available organizations can get more from metering technology than simply limiting a user’s access to digital content. Using the meter to collect more information about the user than just the number of pages they visit opens a plethora of opportunities for publishers moving forward.

Industry Insight

With publishers facing a number of challenges, we will address how metering technology can drive direct customer revenues, improve user experiences, maximize advertising conversions, as well as discuss the points raised by the industry from our recent research.

Hints & Tips for Metering

With extensive experience in providing metering technology to the publishing industry, we will provide attendees with practical hints and tips on how to successfully achieve commercial objectives with a meter.

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