Tablets Single Handedly Leading a Mobile Revolution

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 16 June 2011

It’s no surprise that the tablet has had such success. For years we have been continually shrinking down the size of internet devices so that they fit into the palm of our hands, we could browse on a PC or on our Mobile, but consumers still wanted more for less. The tablet has introduced a lightweight, versatile mobile device that is the perfect solution to bigger display but travel sized. When the Apple iPad was released 80% of the books provided were for children reflecting the idea that the tablet was aimed at personal use, but now as the iPad 2 has arrived alongside competing tablets they are becoming an integral part of business development. Why have we adapted so well and what is about these tablets that we can’t seem to resist?

2010 saw the release of the iPad, which highlighted a previously unforeseen market and consumer demand for this type of device, thus kick-starting the tablet revolution. Following suit were Samsung with the Galaxy Tablet and Toshiba and Samsung also released new tablets onto the market, and now Blackberry have launched its own Playbook.

Key to the tablet revolution is the confluence of content which it provides. Delivering high quality display resolution and simplicity through design, tablets are offering the consumer the ideal combination of laptop performance and smart phone connectivity. With online publications such as the Times optimising their sites for tablet usage, and companies directly targeting monetisation of digital content for tablets as well as cross platform apps, it seems that the tablet is not only a serious piece of hardware, it’s here to stay! High spec tablets are also complimented by simpler Kindle devices such as Amazon’s eReader, which are also experiencing the success demonstrated by the fact that Amazon are now selling more ebooks than print books.

Furthermore the development of cloud-based storage systems will also mean that the tablet is a genuine extension of the office or home network and with content and files accessible on the move, tablets are truly delivering the level of accessibility and content delivery which consumers and businesses alike are demanding.

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