Intelligence & Decisioning

Content Access Control, Supporting Freemium Models, Metered & Dynamic Paywalls

Launch Dynamic Paywalls & Paid Content Models with Enterprise Access Control

Fingerprint & Segment Visitors

Identify & fingerprint anonymous visitors and convert them into paying subscribers.

Control Access to Content

Target key segments by creating access control rules to trigger dynamic paywalls, events & entitlements.

Personalise Every Experience

Deliver exceptional subscriber experiences by creating personalised products, prices & promotions.

Commercially Focused

Experiment without technical resource. Deploy & refine rules, styling, paywalls & products in minutes.

Trigger Access Control Rules & Dynamic Paywalls

Effortlessly control access to paid content. Refine the entitlements of a visitor based on usage-based criteria and business rules, such as the number of pages viewed, content categorisation, user concurrency or visitor location. We provide you with centralised ‘decisioning’, visitor authentication and authorisation. Access control enables you to manage who can enter your site and what content they are allowed to access. Like the rest of our cloud-based technology platform, the metering tools are completely scalable and can be deployed for clients of all sizes.

Personalise Every Subscriber Experience

Deliver exceptional subscriber experiences that convert. Import and segment audiences, automate conversion & retention touch-points and recommend products based on intent, affinity, promotion or popularity. Drive subscriber engagement by serving up personalised, AI-driven content & product recommendations. Configure a range of overlays & experiences to increase likelihood to convert. Experiment, analyse and refine new subscription marketing ideas without needing any technical knowledge. Test and launch within minutes; get real-time results within hours.

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Maximum Flexibility: Deploy Any Model

Gain a broad range of control in implementing a metered access model, enabling you to set the amount of free content users are able to view based upon either the number of articles/resources retrieved or by time frame.

We support multiple paywall solutions, including hard, freemium, premium and hybrid models. Our meter can also be used for sign-walls, survey-walls and share-walls. We support a perforated wall so that visitors referred from social networks or search engines can access your content without it being counted in the meter.

Real-time Insight & Advanced Reporting

Gain instant access to vital information and data about the profile of your site’s audience with multi-variate testing.

Metering rules enable A/B testing, to show visitors two versions of the same page. Tracking and conversion statistics are used to determine the optimal rule-set, look and feel, price-point or other criteria. Test and optimise your page to increase revenue while providing you with better insight about your visitors.

Combined with web analytics, detailed reporting will give you a clear picture of who is visiting your site, how they found you, where they came from, what device they use, what interests them and much more. Use this information to push relevant content & promotional offers to visitors at key points to increase conversions.

Get to Market Quickly & Easily

eSuite supports a variety of standardised integrations with your site via API, to enable quick setup and ease of use for non-technical people once integrated. All eSuite products, subscriptions & offers are pre-integrated, meaning you can quickly experiment with different combinations to yield maximum customer conversions.

eSuite delivers a cross-platform on-site experience across any device, browser or operating system to deliver a perfect subscriber experience.

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'Winnipeg Free Press'

The Canadian newspaper industry is moving firmly into digital, with the accessibility of online news and the rising adoption of tablets and mobile devices playing a key role. With more publishers monetizing digital content...

eSuite enables us to engage with our audience in an entirely new way. The micropayment model provides us with a more effective way of drawing in casual readers, enabling us to monetize all segments of our audience. Our readers spend more time with us each visit, they are coming back more often, read more content and are more engaged. We are confident that as we continue to be innovative and adapt our customer centric approach we will consistently see new audiences join the service

Christian Panson VP of Digital, Winnipeg Free Press

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