eSuite for Sport

Sports Fan Acquisition, Retention, OTT & CRM Software

Maximise OTT Video Revenues & Optimise Fan Engagement Initiatives

Manage the entire lifecycle of your fan base using eSuite to develop direct-to-fan revenues and compelling strategies to engage, convert and retain your fans.

Whether you’re looking to extend current sports OTT video functionality or create a wider engagement strategy across all your online and offline products, eSuite will centralise and support any business model to aid you in achieving your objectives.

Offer your fans the ability to choose their own bundles of products & services across all your offerings using eSuite’s cart functionality, delighting them with digital content (e.g. subscriptions, passes, memberships, highlights, premium content, etc) and physical products (e.g. merchandise, tickets, hospitality, membership packs, stadium tours, etc) in a single cart, all within a centralised account and payment wallet.

With eSuite you can instantly unlock rich flexibility for video content with our new Broadcast Schedules. Get to market within a matter of weeks with an out-of-the-box SDK, to implement fan-facing journeys and start quickly processing payments with the reassurance that MPP Global retains PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance.

Solutions for Sport

Optimise fan engagement initiatives with innovative cloud technology for the sports industry

Fan Lifecycle Management

Centralise disparate apps and platforms, and bring your entire fan lifecycle under one roof with eSuite’s extensive fan-management functionality. Acquire, manage and retain your fans from the instant they start to engage. eSuite supports any business model to grow direct fan revenues from video, content, tickets or merchandise in a single, centralised platform.

Fan Management & Billing

Seamlessly launch and manage subscriptions & products in minutes. Clearly define everything from pricing, lock-in periods to currency, contract lengths and trial periods. Centralise your eCommerce, data and back-office management. Gain access to configurable and automated reports, offering relevant stakeholders insight into subscription performance and revenues figures.

Fan Relationship & Identity Management

Develop a single view of your fan base across all platforms with insight into value, behaviour and consumption history. Enable customer support teams to perform actions such as refund, logging cases or amending details. Give fans complete control and a more streamlined front-end experience with self-care pages and reduce barriers to entry with Single and Social Sign-on.

Video Metering

Convert your anonymous fans into paying subscribers by leveraging video metering technology. Implement content access rules such as free-to-air to retain wider fan engagement, registered access to build data or paywalls to generate revenue. Create conditions and consequences in an easy-to-use drag & drop interface, enabling to you build, launch, test and refine various scenarios within minutes.

Fan Conversion Tools

Optimise conversions with more options to purchase subscriptions or passes. Configure complex custom broadcast schedules to launch match day, weekend or club-specific passes. Create interactive journeys, automated promotions & voucher codes to accelerate take-up, reward loyalty and win back fans. Gain valuable insight with real-time dashboard analytics and marketing-led reports.

Fan Retention & Win-back

Protect revenues using machine learning to predict churn, enabling you to effectively segment and incentivise. Create Protect revenues using machine learning to predict churn, enabling you to effectively segment and incentivise. Create personalised marketing campaigns and cancellation flows to maximise retention and minimise involuntary churn through card cancellation or renewals with market-leading automatic card updating technology and advanced retry rules.

Built for Sport

Powering Media Through Subscriptions & Billing

Sports Clubs

Create a unified solution for a fragmented audience using Single Sign-On across all video, membership, hospitality, ticket, merchandise and mobile areas with easy-to-integrate registration, subscription and authentication services.

Sports OTT Providers

MPP Global is a subscriber management & billing specialist for OTT. Rapidly launch or enhance your OTT service with a tailored cloud platform that accelerates conversions, minimises churn and provides personalised experiences for fans. All whilst offering a single view across all devices.

Federations / Associations

Advanced identity and fan relationship management tools enable a seamless registration journey consistent with your brand, look and feel. Streamline the authentication process with Single and Social Sign-On and gain detailed fan insights across all platforms.

Global Sport Brands

Maximise your brand reach, the value of your rights and collect revenues from your fan base in any currency, any payment type and method, anywhere in the world.

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