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The world’s smartest subscriber management & billing platform to acquire, monetise and optimise digital audiences, designed for media, entertainment, sports and retail companies.

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Security Level 1 PCI Security to Improve Your Bottom Line

Fears over security and complexity are holding some companies back from truly embracing cloud technologies, but there are significant cost and efficiency gains that cannot be ignored.

We adopt best practice ISO standards and are certified to Level 1 PCI-DSS standards, the highest and strongest set of regulations which govern eCommerce companies. We are audited every year by two independent auditors to ensure our ongoing commitment to security is robust. Many of our clients also have their own security standards against which we must comply.

The process of gaining and managing PCI compliance is very time consuming and expensive. Your PCI-DSS obligations are drastically reduced, saving your business a substantial amount in resource costs and time.

Infrastructure Cloud Capabilities & World-class Performance

Transform Your Business with Cloud Capabilities

Businesses need to do more with less, and that’s what the cloud is all about. It’s on-demand, always available, enables rapid setup with little capital expense. Cloud services provide fast, highly scalable expansion on-demand and at a fraction of the traditional on premise costs. With our cloud technology, small and midsize businesses can compete with enterprise business on an equal footing. None of our clients need to worry about technical debt again.

Don't Lose Visitors to Poor Performance

On average, the response time for our synchronous transactions range from 5ms to 300ms. These transactions include the real time creation of new subscriptions and changes to existing subscriptions as well as round-trips to financial institutions for payment processing. The system is benchmarked to process 375 orders per second per client and is load-tested to 1000s of concurrent API connections per second.

API Library You Can Deploy eSuite in Two Ways:

Server-Side SOAP & RESTful APIs

eSuite offers an extremely rich API library (SDK) with tiered levels of access for interaction between our core platform and your applications. Our server-side API library enables you to process a range of complex registration, entitlement and payment transactions and can be integrated directly to your individual specifications.

Client-side JSON APIs

Our state-of-the-art JSON framework provides a JavaScript library of client-side APIs, enabling you to design, build and host customer registration and payment journeys on your own domains whilst remaining PCI compliant since the JSON APIs connect directly to our secure data centres.

Flexible Integrations Link our Technology with Your Back-End Systems

Our open JSON, RESTful and SOAP APIs help integrate eSuite into your CMS, data warehouse or financial systems. Regardless of what infrastructure you are currently using, we can easily plug into your technology architecture and help get your business set-up, modernised or fine-tuned.

We ensure that all transitions from incumbent providers are smooth and hassle free. With the right insight and support from us, the longer-term gains of simplified platforms and processes make for a more manageable day-to-day running of your business.

Our core platform has been architected from the ground up to automatically scale to massive volumes.

Support Unlock the Power of eSuite using our Support Network


The eSuite Academy LMS helps you and your team to get the most out of eSuite with a rich library of training videos, online courses and certifications. Grow your subscription business revenues faster and upskill your eSuite users with hands-on experience they need to fulfil any technical request or subscription model.


A rich support centre, developer documentation and API library equip your team with all the information they need to hit the ground running and grow revenues faster.

Professional Services

eSuite is simple and easy to deploy. Start Smart is a professional service package which enables your business to learn about our technology so you can quickly and confidently integrate eSuite modules and APIs. Our Implementation Consultants help you co-ordinate people, processes and technology in order to achieve maximum impact. Your Integration Consultant will provide you with an overview of eSuite, API training sessions, business process reviews, integration design, data migration and Q&A sessions.

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'Subscription Management for Retailers'

Subscription models are the fastest growing revenue stream for retailers. Retailers from a pure digital background (those without traditional “bricks and mortar” stores) were quick to follow in the footsteps of media organizations and...


eSuite was the clear choice for our new subscription management platform. MPP Global’s team of experts understood our objectives from the outset and demonstrated their ability to meet our project goals throughout the preliminary workshops. This is a project of huge strategic importance for us, and we know we are in safe hands with the MPP Global team.

Head of Retail Business Systems