Retention & Recovery

Subscriber Retention & Churn Management Software

Predict, Retain & Win-Back

Retain Custom

Minimise customer subscription churn using predictive analytics, retry rules and automatic card updating

Recover Revenues

Automated and intelligent audience recycling technology, with minimal resource investment and success-based pricing

Personalised Targeting

Retain and win-back using personalised marketing campaigns, leveraging real-time overlays to display unique voucher codes, discounts & offers

Churn Reports

Comprehensive reports to provide statistics and analysis on the effectiveness of personalised marketing campaigns over a specific time period

Subscriber Retention & Churn Management

The Retention & Recovery module provides a range of configurable features that minimises customer churn and boosts existing customer revenues. Card expiry date validation validates the expiry date for the renewal cycle on a successful subscription renewal event. Automatic account updating ensures the most current card information is used during authorisation attempts, preventing involuntary churn and optimising life time value. Early pre-renewal authorisation attempts the authorisation before the renewal date, offers the option to cancel or complete transaction and provides a window of opportunity to receive new card information from the subscriber. Finally, retry rules offer multi-layered time-based retry rules, which are configurable on an individual subscription or global basis.

Customer Recovery & Win-Back Initiatives

Customer recovery is a fully managed authorisation recycling function. It initiates payment retries following a transaction-specific, optimised pattern. If the transaction attempts become exhausted a win-back campaign process can provide discounts to lapsed customers. The Recovery process includes intelligent authorisation recycling where subscribers and profiled, determining the most likely retry sequence to yield an approval, which boosts approval rates, minimises attrition and maximises revenue.

Win-back campaigns can then be launched to automatically request the customer to update their card information or leverage voucher codes, discounts and offers to drive win-back rates.

Personalised Retention Campaigns

Retain subscribers by upselling additional products or offering those on the verge of leaving the ability to switch subscription. Even at the point of exiting the page, launch exit-intent overlays with offers & discounts, or send real-time affinity-based communications to win-back any lost custom.

Configuring your subscriber retention campaigns are easy with Experience Optimisation in eSuite.

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Predictive Churn & Product Packaging

eSuite employs Machine Learning techniques which aids our clients by understanding consumer behaviours to generate highly accurate reports of consumers who are most at risk of cancelling their subscription.

Machine Learning is also employed to analyse the historical data of existing customers to understand at which stage of the journey they purchased and which product/service they are most likely to purchase based on previous behaviour and profiling.

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