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Revenue & Billing

Avoid spending years building and maintaining your own eCommerce and subscription management infrastructure or developing one around a basic recurring billing solution.

eSuite Enables You to Focus on Growing Your Company

Adapt to Market Changes

Fast-track your business to realise its full revenue potential using a range of new and proven eCommerce models.

Improve Customer Relationships

Increase your payment options, retain your customers and attract new customers through innovative subscription billing.

Launch Products & Services

Launch demanding usage based pricing models across a myriad of products and services and simplify content monetisation.

Reduce Costs & Complexity

Streamline complex billing, subscription and payment processes using our fully integrated PaaS solution.

Advanced Pricing & Bundling

Take advantage of the industry’s most powerful product catalogue that creates real market differentiation. No other PaaS billing solution offers the breadth of features and flexibility that enables you to define and bundle any physical or digital content across multiple platforms including mobile, web and connected-TV.

Centralise and manage all of your products, pricing plans, offers, free trials and promotions in one place with our highly configurable product catalogue capability.

Subscription & Billing Cycle Management

Our subscription management system manages the entire billing lifecycle of a subscription. You can create subscription packages, payment schedules, sell them online or via a call centre, and manage any combination of one-off and recurring payments.

We manage the subscription and billing for high profile clients including Sky Go (SVOD), NOW TV (TVOD and SVOD), The Times, L’Equipe and Philips. Avoid years of building and maintaining your own subscription and billing infrastructure or developing one around a basic recurring billing solution, enabling you to focus instead on what you do best; creating and monetising great content.

Consumer Payment Solutions

On-demand, location-based, off-peak pricing? Pre/post pay micropayments, one-click transactions, discount charging models? Combinations of the above?

We support any payment method and type in any country, currency and language. Easily monetise your digital content online with a range of payment options offering maximum convenience to your customers and no break in their payment journey.

Branded, fully customisable order pages offer a seamless user experience and reduce your cart abandonment rate. Your customers will never feel as though they have left your site when they arrive on your order page because the order page will blend in with the look-and-feel of the other pages that comprise your site.

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'The Irish Times'

With larger numbers of consumers turning to digital access, publishers are shaping their paid content strategies to take advantage of these opportunities in the market. The Irish Times, one of Ireland’s most widely read...

With the increasing acceptance that digital content needs to be paid for, we believe it is the right time to ask readers for what we think is a modest subscription cost. Working closely with MPP Global we can ensure we understand our audience better and develop our services to keep them returning to The Irish Times.

Liam Kavanagh Managing Director

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