Acquisition & Conversion

Boost Subscriber Acquisition with Targeted Campaigns & Promotions

Attract, Engage & Convert

Craft Targeted Campaigns

Create compelling marketing campaigns to increase engagement and convert users into paying subscribers.

Deploy Promotions Rapidly

Encourage audiences to convert with various offers, discounts, trials & gifts, and distribute with voucher codes.

Maximise First-party Data

Optimise campaign performance and reduce reliance on 3rd-party data by incentivising users to part with data.

Easily Evaluate Performance

Analyse campaign performance & ROI with real-time dashboards, reports & data lake to inform future strategy.

Drive Subscriber Acquisition with Targeted Campaigns

Attract and engage customers with highly targeted, data-led marketing campaigns to encourage users to convert into paying subscribers. Experiment and innovate at every stage of the subscriber acquisition journey and develop sustainable, recurring revenue streams.  

  • Data-led Marketing – Leverage insight from eSuite’s data lake and 3rd party platforms to enrich and inform campaigns   
  • Tailor Campaigns – Differentiate and personalise  messaging, packaging and pricing to various audiences, globally  
  • Incentivise Effectively – Encourage users to engage and convert with a range of offers, gifts, discounts and trials  
  • Collaborate Strategically– Form strategic partnerships with complementary brands to collaborate on campaigns and promotions  

Incentivise & Reward with Offers, Vouchers & Trials

Increase conversion rates by more than 50%* and boost CLTV by incentivising & rewarding users with a series of targeted promotions. Build, launch and distribute campaigns quickly and easily, and get to market in a matter of minutes 

  • Experiment with Promotions – Launch a variety of incentives, from free trials (with or without payment details), to percentage discounts, low start offers and gifts 
  • Distribute with Voucher Codes – Create and circulate voucher codes across various online and offline channels and redeem in a matter of seconds  
  • Limit Usage & Create Urgency – Generate demand by configuring offers for individual or mass use, new vs existing subscribers, limiting quantity or redemption time  
  • Encourage Cross-channel Engagement – Enable customers to access your content across channels by granting complementary entitlements or credits – for example print subscribers gaining access to digital  
How Can You Prevent Churn?

Create Value Exchanges for First-party Data

Increase campaign performance by more than 15%* by incrementally collecting first-party data in exchange for incentives, to personalise  packages & offers. Leverage this data to enrich the wider ecosystem such as advertising & email services and reduce the reliance of 3rd party cookies.  

  • Progressively Profile – Gradually enrich customer profiles by capturing bite-size additional data on new subscribers to optimise conversion  
  • Tailor Up/Cross-sell Products – Leverage first-party data to offer tailored additional products & services down the line  
  • Personalise Content & Experience  Optimise user experience with first-party data to increase conversion opportunities 
  • Boost Relevancy for Advertising – Utilise first-party data to optimise ad revenues and reduce the impact of 3rd party cookie deprecation  
Read the First-party data guide

Measure & Optimise Campaign Performance

Eliminate guesswork and enable marketing teams to measure effectiveness of subscription marketing campaigns. Easily demonstrate ROI for marketing efforts, share with stakeholders and utilise the data lake to ingest into 3rd party platforms to centralise data from multiple sources.  

  • Real-time Analytics – Gain instant access to results at your fingertips to ascertain marketing campaign performance & ROI  
  • Deep-dive Reports – Run comprehensive reports and share with relevant stakeholders when & how they prefer 
  • Data Lake Querying – Get to the source of the data to really interrogate performance and analyse specific use cases
  • Export & Merge Data – Ingest and merge your subscription business data with other platforms in your tech stack for a centralised view 
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The issues surrounding digital transformation and evolving consumer habits have been impacting publishers for over a decade. As a result, we have seen an increasing amount of media companies and newspapers implementing new strategies...

As we looked to adapt in light of our changing audience, it became critical to have a platform which could support us as we broadened our digital services. With eSuite, we have been able to better manage our customers and subscribers and drive additional supplementary revenues from bitesize content to subscription gifting.

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