Acquisition & Conversion

Subscription Marketing & Customer Acquisition Strategies

Revolutionise Your Customer Conversion Rate with Personalised Campaigns

Campaigns that Convert

Create highly personalised marketing campaigns to target the right product, to the right customer, at the right time.

Maximise Conversions

Dynamically trigger free trials, discounts and unique offer codes to encourage customers to convert.

Reward & Retain

Offer the most popular rewards without the customer ever leaving your website or application.

Optimise Customer Engagement

Maximise revenues & subscriber engagement with intent-based offers & promotions.

Optimise Subscription Marketing Campaigns

Set-up a range of incentives to attract users and encourage them to buy products or subscriptions. We support everything from trial periods, product discounting and bundling to voucher code and loyalty reward programs, all managed by your marketing teams in eSuite HQ.

Choose from a broad range of offers, incentives, trials, currencies and rewards, or provide a multiple choice interface so your customers can pick their own offers.

We make it easy to incentivise and monetise just about anything.

Offers & Incentives

Take advantage of promotional offers and incentives. A simple subscriptions offer enables all new subscribers to receive an initial period free of charge. An incentive motivates someone who is on the fence about offering up their contact information or paying for a service, and confirms they are truly interested in your offer when they press the submit button.

Our clients see up to three times the click through rate on a rewards campaign compared to an otherwise identical cash-discount offer.

Vouchers & Promo Codes

Voucher codes and discount campaigns are a great way to drive traffic and boost sales conversions. With our voucher code tool inside eSuite HQ, it really couldn't be easier.

Voucher codes can be exchanged for discounts, 2-for-1 and ‘join today and get your first month free’ style offers. Codes can even be exchanged for ‘service credits’ which can be added onto a customer’s eWallet. These vouchers can be retailed as scratch cards in stores or used to kick start a customer relationship by adding service credits onto their account, which can be redeemed against digital products like videos and content or used towards paying for a subscription.

We provide you with the ability to issue voucher (or ‘promo’) codes which can be published and which in turn can be redeemed using our flexible API and easy-to-use integrations.

Personalised Promotions

Increase speed-to-market with pre-built overlays, templates and segmentation rules without requiring tech support to launch. Create personalised promotional content for each user and leverage A/B testing to drive the highest converting offer types. Dynamically upscale/downscale campaigns based on real-time performance data and extract maximum value from your customers.

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'The Irish Times'

With larger numbers of consumers turning to digital access, publishers are shaping their paid content strategies to take advantage of these opportunities in the market. The Irish Times, one of Ireland’s most widely read...

With the increasing acceptance that digital content needs to be paid for, we believe it is the right time to ask readers for what we think is a modest subscription cost. Working closely with MPP Global we can ensure we understand our audience better and develop our services to keep them returning to The Irish Times.

Liam Kavanagh Managing Director

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