eSuite for Subscription Retail

eCommerce Recurring Billing Software & Subscription Platform

Deliver Recurring Revenue & Increase Customer Lifetime Value with eSuite

Build personalized subscription models, both online and in-store, to boost customer acquisition, engagement and retention

Key eSuite features for retailers:

  • Flexibility –  Design a subscription model that is right for your customers: auto-replenish, brand-based or product discovery
  • Personalization – Understand customer preferences & behavior, build 1:1 relationships and retain custom
  • Self-care – Enable customers to update account details, manage subscriptions, deliveries, and payments
  • Payment –Offer all payment options to suit individual preferences, location, currency and language

Retail Solutions

Boost Recurring Revenues Across Any Channel with eSuite

Auto Replenish from Product Page

Enable customers to easily view and select recurring delivery schedules directly from the product selection page before proceeding to payment.

Auto Replenish in Basket

Allow customers to identify products available for auto replenish and configure directly in the basket, converting customers from a one-off purchase to recurring.

Subscription Box Packages

Configure personalized subscription boxes on a recurring basis to suit individual customer preferences i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Discovery - Personal Profile Questionnaire

Launch a customer profile questionnaire to display personalized subscription packages based on customer preferences, increasing likelihood to purchase.

Built for Omnichannel Retail

eSuite's rich subscription functionality seamlessly connects your online & offline channels

Online & In-store

Optimize customer engagement, both online as part of a personalized customer journey, or in-store via assisted selling.

Any Device

Offer a seamless user experience across all devices, and retain full control of your brand look and feel.

All Payment Options

Reduce barriers to purchase by supporting all international payment methods, types, currencies and languages.

Any Subscription Model

Easily configure and edit bespoke subscription models suited to your customers, products and services.

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'Subscription Management for Retailers'

Subscription models are the fastest growing revenue stream for retailers. Retailers from a pure digital background (those without traditional “bricks and mortar” stores) were quick to follow in the footsteps of media organizations and...


eSuite was the clear choice for our new subscription management platform. MPP Global’s team of experts understood our objectives from the outset and demonstrated their ability to meet our project goals throughout the preliminary workshops. This is a project of huge strategic importance for us, and we know we are in safe hands with the MPP Global team.

Head of Retail Business Systems

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