Revenue & Billing

Recurring Billing Software, Micropayments & Subscription Management Tools

eSuite Enables You to Focus on Growing Your Company

Get to Market Faster

Fast-track your business to realize its full revenue potential using a range of new and proven eCommerce models.

Improve Customer Relationships

Increase your payment options, retain your customers and attract new customers through innovative subscription billing.

Launch Bundles of Products

Launch demanding usage based pricing models across a myriad of products and services and simplify content monetization.

Reduce Costs & Complexity

Streamline complex billing, subscription and payment processes using our fully integrated PaaS solution.

Advanced Pricing & Bundling

Take advantage of the industry’s most powerful product catalogue that creates real market differentiation. No other PaaS billing solution offers the breadth of features and flexibility that enables you to define and bundle any physical or digital content across multiple platforms including mobile, web and connected-TV.

eSuite SDK

Get to market quickly with eSuite's SDK: a range of pre-built, customizable user journeys and payment flows. Build, price & deploy your products & subscription terms in real-time. Say goodbye to legacy systems delaying your product launch and say hello to concept-to-live in minutes. Launch simple or complex product & pricing strategies across physical and digital.

Issue Schedule

Acquire, optimize & retain subscribers with granular packages & promotions. Drive new revenue streams with eSuite's Issue Schedule, enabling you to launch time or event-based passes and unbundled content.
• Publication Calendar - unlock true subscription flexibility with functionality to configure annual distribution schedules. Define when a physical fulfilment or digital entitlement should be made, or periods of exclusivity (e.g. public holidays).
• Broadcast Schedule - offer your subscribers more granular packages and launch time or event-based passes and unbundled content. Tap into premium content such as live events, Pay Per View, as well as physical products.

The Issue Schedule combined with time-based packaging and promotion provides the greatest flexibility for product owners and marketing teams to experiment – whether that’s on a one-time purchase, day pass or simply showing a weekly price. eSuite’s flexible fulfilment and entitlements engine then intuitively checks and grants subscribers’ access or informs distribution platforms in accordance with your Issue Schedules, doing all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Subscription & Billing Lifecycle Management

eSuite drives revenue by helping your organization increase the number of payment options, improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn and attract new customers through smarter and innovative subscription billing and payment models.

Total Payment & Billing Flexibility

On-demand, location-based, off-peak pricing? Pre/post pay micropayments, one-click transactions, discount charging models? Combinations of the above?

eSuite’s Revenue & Billing module supports an extensive portfolio of payment types in nearly 200 countries covering 170 currencies. We support any payment method and type in any country, currency and language and automatically calculate global tax sales. Easily monetize your digital and physical content online with a range of payment options offering a streamlined customer experience, with no barriers to purchase.

Branded, fully customizable order pages offer a seamless user experience and reduce your cart abandonment rate. Customize the look-and-feel of our hosted payment pages to match your site.

Payment account capability enables your customer’s purchasing information (such as debit/credit card, direct debit reference or PayPal details) to be stored securely for future use, making future payments ‘one-click’ and actionable either via our APIs.

Payment Security

Take the hassle of compliancy out of your hands. MPP Global's eSuite operates under the highest industry standard of payment security: Level 1 PCI-DSS. We encrypt and store any sensitive consumer details billing address, customer name and payment types (including account numbers, credit card numbers and expiry dates) securely.

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The issues surrounding digital transformation and evolving consumer habits have been impacting publishers for over a decade. As a result, we have seen an increasing amount of media companies and newspapers implementing new strategies...

As we looked to adapt in light of our changing audience, it became critical to have a platform which could support us as we broadened our digital services. With eSuite, we have been able to better manage our customers and subscribers and drive additional supplementary revenues from bitesize content to subscription gifting.

Christina Terrier Director of Subscriptions & Paid Content

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