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eSuite for Publishing & Media

Magazine & Newspaper Paywall & Subscription Management Software

Maximize the Value of Your Content

Cloud technology to enable a range of profitable monetization models for print and digital businesses.

If you are in the media publishing industry, it’s critical that your business moves quickly to keep pace with the market.

Whether you are publishing books, magazines or newspapers digitally or in print, the way readers consume your content is changing dramatically. Yet the challenge remains; how do you capitalize on this opportunity? How do you provide digital alternatives to buck declining print sales and falling advertising revenues?

At MPP Global, we take a holistic view of behavioral, customer and revenue data, enabling you to align processes across the enterprise, providing a single customer view that can be harnessed to maximize revenues and the performance of your services.

Publishing & Media Solutions

Find Innovative Solutions to Manage Your Business & Customers

Broad Range of Monetization Options

Our paywall capabilities are second to none. Hard, soft or metered paywalls, we have the answers that only experience can provide. We enable a broad range of business models.

A Greater Understanding of the Customer

Say goodbye to multiple sources of inconsistent customer data. Say hello to a centralized, accurate, single view of your customers.

Subscriptions: Repackaging Products

eSuite supports bundling of multiple items on a single subscription. It also simplifies your back-end processes by consolidating billing across all content formats.

Bundling Print with Digital Subscriptions

Manage your digital and print subscriptions from one, single system. Use eSuite HQ to set-up a variety of subscription and bundling options.

Unbundling Digital Subscriptions

Further engage your audience and enable them to unbundle curated packages and select content based on their specific interests.

Flexible Methods to Sell Digital Content

We offer a variety of payment types, enabling you to sell digital content by various payment methods including subscriptions, recurring payments, micropayments & one-click payments.

Built for You

eSuite is Designed by the Media, for the Media

National Newspapers

Enable multiple paid content models that boost readership and generate recurring revenue by leveraging an increased understanding of customer behavior.

Regional Newspapers

Our analytics module helps you understand your audience and become a powerful online media business whilst establishing new and alternative revenue streams for your quality regional content.

B2C Magazines

Selecting a fully integrated platform gives you the flexibility you need to develop a digital strategy that offers customized content, catering specific interests on every channel.

B2B Magazines

Take control of product launches and reduce the time and cost of getting to market. Acquire, develop, monetize, and retain subscriber relationships.

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'Jellyfish CoNNect'

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What MPP Global did for us was to bring the customers all into one funnel and give us the ability to create wallets and have that recurring payment that we could call on demand.

Adam Osborn Head of Technology

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