Retention & Recovery

Maximize Recurring Revenues & Minimize Churn

Retain, Optimize & Predict

Minimize Involuntary Churn

Significantly reduce involuntary churn and maximize recurring revenues with retry rules, card updater services & payment windows

Increase Payment Success

Fine-tune recurring transactions to boost approval rates globally through optimized billing and payment routing

Boost Retention Rates

Proactively retain and win-back subscribers using personalized cancellation flows and marketing campaigns to incentivize & reward

Accurately Predict Churn

Gain insight into customers most at risk of churn and target with a range of communications and offers to increase ARPU & minimize churn

Reduce Involuntary Churn by More Than 90%

An estimated ~30% of churn is attributed to involuntary, unwanted churn and revenue loss. eSuite’s churn prevention capabilities can drastically reduce involuntary churn rates to less than 2%, with a range of tools to maximize transaction success & stabilize your bottom line.

• Account Updater Services (Visa & Mastercard) – Minimize loss of business due to subscriber payment details becoming outdated or replaced.

• Intelligent Retry Rules – Maximize subscriber lifetime value by crafting highly configurable retry attempts for failed payments over a prolonged period.

• Payment Windows – Increase transaction approval rates by more than 50% by presenting renewal payments at optimal days and times on a per-country basis.

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Save >30% Of Customers Annually With Optimized Billing

There are commercial benefits to fine-tuning recurring transactions and optimizing the billing process. In doing so, companies can boost approval rates on a global scale and minimize risk of involuntary churn.

• Pre-authorization Transactions – Gain insight pre-renewal on whether a payment is likely to succeed, offering a window of opportunity to communicate and update card details.

• Payment Routing – Process transactions through local acquirers to increase payment success and reduce cross-border transaction fees.

• Card on File & Transaction Flagging – Increase renewal rates by storing authorized payment details for repeat purchases, and append flags to indicate recurring transactions.

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Boost Subscriber Retention & Win-back Rates

There are some subscribers who will actively decide to cancel their subscription due to concerns surrounding price, experience or quality. eSuite offers various retention solutions to retain subscribers on the verge of leaving and to win-back any lost custom.

• Offers & Discounts – Optimize cancellation flows by serving up various personalized promotions.

• Switch Packages – Enable subscribers to upgrade, downgrade or switch to a more suitable package or payment method.

• Pause Subscriptions – Temporarily pause payments and entitlements for subscribers with financial concerns.

• Win-back Campaigns – Build & deploy highly personalized product packages and promotions to incentivize customers to return.

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Accurately Predict Up to 90% of Churning Customers

Identifying subscribers most at risk of churn enables media companies to target them with effective retention strategies and tailored communications before they have the chance to leave.

eSuite utilizes machine learning to generate predictive churn algorithms to analyze a series of systematic data points, accurately identifying up to 90% of subscribers most at risk of churn. This incredible insight into subscriber data is provided to companies as a monthly report of those subscribers who are likely to churn, enabling you to act decisively and target effectively, while also better informing finance teams with revenue predictions.

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