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Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 14 August 2019

What to Consider Before Building or Buying Your Subscriber Management and Billing Solution

When a company needs to introduce a major new piece of software, there is always the dilemma of whether to build it in-house or buy an off-the-shelf solution. Building in-house...

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Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 03 May 2019

The 7 Step Plan to Improve Your Subscription Renewals

What You’ll Learn: How you can use eSuite to transform your churn rate and avoid spending time and money trying to replace subscribers. For any subscription business, one of the...

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Posted by James Vallance on Friday, 22 March 2019

eSuite Feature Focus – Centralize Your Product Management with Carts & Bundles

Welcome to eSuite Feature Focus, a new series of blogs covering some of the most important tools eSuite has on offer to provide media organizations with the freedom to deploy...

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Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 08 October 2018

IBC Show 2018 Round-Up: The Landscape of OTT 2.0

What You’ll Learn: Find out about the key learnings from 2018’s IBC Conference and Exhibition, the annual event which sees the world’s most influential media, entertainment & technology representatives congregate...

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Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 13 September 2018

SF Studios – A Conversation with Ted Björling, OTT Video Manager

What You’ll Learn: Ted Björling is OTT Video Manager for Swedish video on demand service SF Studios, the leading OTT provider in the Nordic region. They have been working with...

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