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Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 05 August 2015

Would you Trust a Cheat? Ashley Madison’s Biggest Mistake was IDM

The CEO of a publicly listed eCommerce company told me yesterday that he had to sit his wife down and prepare her for the chance that his name may be...

Posted by MPP Global on Sunday, 20 July 2014

MPP Global Publishing Poll: Converting Readers Into Subscribers is Key Priority

Turning newspaper readers into loyal subscribers is one of the major challenges facing publishers in the digital paid content market. This was the key finding of new research carried out...

Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 06 June 2014

MPP Global Jets Off To San Francisco For 2014 TV Of Tomorrow Show

The annual TV Of Tomorrow (TVOT) show will return to San Francisco next week (June 10 – June 11), with innovators and thought leaders from some of the world’s biggest...

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