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Philips required an advanced, broadly integrated and secure payment solution when planning their 2nd generation Smart TV service across the globe to handle and manage eCommerce payment transactions.

The system was required to enable users to purchase content such as VOD, as well as apps and other purchases direct through their Smart TV through a centralized payment account.

MPP Global delivers cloud CRM and eCommerce solutions to the world with Philips Smart TV

The Philips Smart TV combines TV broadcasting, video-on-demand, internet browsing and access to a library of apps and social media. Taking converged media to another level Philips Smart TV is a giant leap in terms of what is capable from Connected TV services.

Drawing upon MPP Global’s expertise providing the award-winning CRM and eCommerce platform, eSuite, for Connected-TV services and the media and entertainment sectors, Philips selected MPP Global to deliver the complete CRM and eCommerce solution for the Smart TV.

MPP Global’s API library (SDK) was used to directly integrate with Philips’ system to provide payment functions that will be shared with app developers and content providers, enabling Philips to offer their customers secure and seamless access to paid-for content delivery, central storage and re-use of consumer payment details and promoting one-click transactions. Consumers are able to purchase products, services or content from hundreds of content providers via their centralized payment account.


eSuite utilizes secure centralized payment accounts and one-click transactions, it also enables one household to have multiple accounts with different log-ons for the same billing account. This allows parents to monitor their children’s payment and viewing habits through one central source.

Enabling eCommerce payments in multiple currencies and multiple languages also makes the service perfectly positioned for international usage, which Philips Smart TV delivers. Other features provided by MPP Global include a customer support console which enables Philips’ customer representatives to manage customer enquiries, such as processing refunds through the online payment system.

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“Our 2nd Generation Smart TV is a major step forward in the connected-TV world. The decision to work with MPP Global was a straight forward one when considering their track record and experience in providing advanced and broadly integrated CRM and eCommerce services.”

Albert Mombarg Head of Smart TV
Project Goals

Seamless Payment Processing

Delivering MPP Global’s API library straight into the Philips system and using it to its full extent enables a seamless payment journey for the user, increasing the likelihood of consumers purchasing paid video content.

Centralized Customer Accounts

As part of MPP Global’s core functionality, eWallet technology can be applied to centrally store customer account details and payment information. This enables returning users to log in and make repeat, one click purchases using pre-stored data.

International Functionality

With the Philip’s Smart TV accessible to many across the globe, MPP Global were able to deliver the payment and eCommerce functionality in numerous languages and currencies, providing the technology to target a truly global audience.

Managing Customer Support

With a global audience, comes a raft of customer support. MPP Global provided a customer support console enabling Philips support agents to easily locate and edit users as well as process refunds and entitlements, all in one single, centralized view.


Payment processing and content delivery with eSuite is both swift, easy to understand and secure, thus bringing content owners and consumers closer together than ever before.

Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global said “MPP Global are continually developing and optimizing our payment solutions. Integrating them into Philips’ Smart TV platform demonstrates MPP Global’s ability to help clients to monetize content anywhere.”

The Client said:

The decision to work with MPP Global was a straightforward one when considering their track record and experience in providing advanced and broadly integrated CRM and eCommerce services.

Albert Mombarg Head of Smart TV, TP VISION
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