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Why invest in text marketing

Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 19 October 2009

Can you think of a single person that you know who does not own a mobile phone? Chances are that every single person you know and every one that you...

Teach through a video streaming service

Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 09 October 2009

Video streaming is becoming one of the best things to hit the internet. This is a truly interactive way to communicate and keep in touch with your audience. We can help...

Technology has revolutionised marketing

Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 07 October 2009

Many people can hardly remember what marketing was like before the internet and mobile phones changed the world radically. Before, the only way to get video advertising done was to...

Lower Costs With Mobile Advertising

Posted by MPP Global on Sunday, 06 September 2009

Economic times are tough on everyone and one of the hardest hit is the business sector. Even in better times, it still makes sense to watch your business outgoings carefully...

eCommerce – a revolutionary way of doing business

Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Everything has gone electronic, even the trade of commodities such as books, music files or computer software, which a few hundred years ago required long journeys which would take months...

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