Apple Takes Bite Out of TV Market

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 14 October 2010

The new Apple TV isn’t really new – and isn’t really a TV in the conventional sense – but what it does do is appeal to a consumer lifestyle choice.

According to Apple it is smaller, 80 per cent smaller in fact, it uses as little energy as a night light (helps me save the planet), it’s silent, cool, puts the “cinema in home cinema”,  has TV, YouTube, internet radio  and more… I didn’t even know I wanted one, but not sure I can live without one now.

And it’s only £99, and free shipping, where do I sign up? With such an attractive package of features it is easy to see why we are all so easily seduced by these latest technology offerings.

But for any product to be a great success it has to deliver not only what it promises on the tin, but it also needs to guarantee that the consumer experience of actually using the product is second to none.

When people rent a movie, buy goods or pay for a subscription via the TV, laptop or mobile, they expect to pay and receive their purchases swiftly and securely. That’s the reason too why a customer-friendly, swift and secure fully integrated payment platform has to be at the heart of the eCommerce solution.

It’s a simple equation. Great Product + Great Customer Service + Great eCommerce Solution = Increasing Market Sales.