Connected-TV Apps Ignite Spark for TV Viewers

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 20 May 2011

The buzz around Connected-TV, or Smart-TV, has led to many companies creating apps that allow the user to interact online through their TV set bringing the medium into the Smart realm. With the number of applications growing daily the subject will naturally turn to the payment services which app companies utilise. With recent high profile technology data breaches, users will demand the highest level of online security and payment services which must conform to these standards to create a safe environment for the Connected-TV user.

Apps allow users to follow yoga exercises, buy directly through their remote control (Home Shopping Network App), and ‘operate’ in mock human theatre procedures. At a time where TV viewing experiences are expanding to accommodate HD and 3D, companies such as LG and Samsung are moving with the times and revolutionising the viewer’s experience. Connected-TV allows viewers to gain access to the internet through a home space, post updates on social networks and explore all areas of interest through specially designed apps. Yahoo recently announced it has released 30 new apps bringing its total to 120 apps and powers over 8 million households on LG, Samsung and Sony sets.

With this in mind, it seems that the integration levels of online payments and eCommerce has diversified once again to accommodate innovative media channels and will need to include new and appropriate payment methods. The speed and security of these payment gateways must remain at the forefront of any payment solution, with users requiring the convenience of one-click transactions as well as feeling assured that their data is protected. This exciting technology aims to expand and re-ignite enthusiasm and joy into the TV viewer experience, but manufacturers will have to ensure they select dexterous payment solutions which can expand and evolve as the technology changes to ensure that customers are protected.

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