eCommerce Solutions provide peace of mind for social media

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 14 November 2011

The Wall Street Journal suggested a few days ago that the privacy issue relating to Facebook and its change in default settings dating back two years, was reaching resolution though there has been no comment from Facebook.

The Journal suggests that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), acting upon a complaint from the Electronic Privacy Information Centre in Washington, is seeking to insist Facebook reverses a change in their settings or gets express approval for the change which has revealed data users thought was accessible only to friends to everyone. Furthermore it must submit to an annual audit to ensure its adherence. The Journal reported that the proposal was that the audit remained in place for twenty years but it did not divulge its source when writing the article.

It adds to concerns about the privacy of data, and as many as 70 bills are currently in Washington relating to social media and privacy issues. Whether many will have become obsolete before reaching the statute book is another matter; the world is moving very quickly.

What the FTC has not and will not examine is future innovation at Facebook as users will agree to change as and when it is introduced. For some time there has been a suggestion that Facebook will introduce payment for access either to specific areas of the site or to the site itself. Should that happen it will be interesting to see how many consumers will look elsewhere for their social interaction.

There are a range of companies whose expertise in eCommerce solutions should ensure that it is perfectly safe to make payments to internet websites though the issue of the change in default settings by Facebook has been a little disturbing to their loyal followers.

Only last week, the fallibility of computers at one of the UK’s leading banks led to account holders being denied access to their funds; it highlights the need for companies to ensure they use only the most technically qualified if they are entering the world of eCommerce. They need to be able to convince their customers of the safety of their systems. In general payment gateways have become very efficient at handling the volume of traffic that a successful eCommerce company needs to handle.

There is little doubt that the success of a company which uses the internet extensively to market its products is dependent upon its establishing trust with its clients and maintaining that trust. There are certainly people only too willing to try to access information that should be private; others are directly intent upon fraud. eCommerce solutions can help a company with that trust issue.