Leading Industry Figures Undecided on Connected-TV Strategies

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Leading TV executives were left undecided as to which company has the most effective Connected-TV strategy, highlighted in a recent study. The survey, conducted by MPP Global, asked respondents to select which companies they felt had the most effective strategy for success in the Connected-TV market, but results proved to be inconclusive.

The survey, conducted during online webinar exploring the Connected-TV market, identified that only 26% of senior industry figures felt that Apple’s future TV service will succeed long term. This statement was echoed across the board with 22% identifying Google-TV and only 17% seeing Netflix as having effective long-term strategies for success.

MPP Global, the leading provider of Payment Services and eCommerce Solutions to the media and entertainment industries, conducted the discussion labelled ‘Redrawing the Lines in the Battle for the Living Room’, which analysed the current position of the Connected-TV market as a whole and the major players within the industry.

James Eddleston, Head of Marketing for MPP Global, said: “This inconclusive result reflects the content of the discussion; that the Connected-TV market is still coming out of the early adopter phase and even major players such as Apple, Google and Netflix are still trying to identify the best approach for success”.

A recent study by YouGov identified that only 35% of Connected-TV owners use their devices for on-demand services, with one in four (25%) having never connected it to the internet at all.

James added: “As with most new technologies it will take time for Connected-TV to proliferate to the purchasing public as a whole. However, as sales are set to increase by 70% by 2016, it is clear that this is a rapidly growing market and developing an effective strategy is crucial for companies seeking to be part of this latest advancement in the connected revolution.”

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