Poll of Publishers Proclaims Print to Dry Up in 10 to 20 Years

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 29 May 2013

MPP Global recently conducted a poll with over 60% of publishing executives predicting print revenues drying up within 10 to 20 years.

Consumers have embraced digital content. With more and more readers turning to the mobile, diverse and immediate world of digital news, publishers have followed suit. The news cycle has sped up dramatically and print editions battle to stay popular.

With the significant advancements in the monetisation of digital content and the ability to offer a multitude of payment solutions specific to the needs of each customer, the publishing industry’s future lies in the new profits available by providing metered content and digital editions of newspapers and magazines.

The survey, executed by MPP Globalas part of a larger webinar addressing the diverse opportunities and challenges in the expanding tablet economy, showed nearly two-thirds of all respondents saw the traditional print cycle halting within two decades.

With clients including News International, dmg media and Telegraph Media Group, MPP Globalare the leading provider of Customer Relationship Management, Payment and eCommerce Solutions to the media and entertainment sectors.

“The modern news-reader is likely to learn about a breaking event on Twitter and following specific writers, sites and social networks to stay current. Day old news is no longer news”, said Paul Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of MPP Global.

Johnson continued, “MPP Globaloffers eCommerce solutions that enable, empower and embolden publishers.”