SMS – your powerful marketing tool

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 22 July 2009

When a business gets stuck in a rut with the same old and over-used marketing strategies it is time to look around for fresh ideas. To know what is happening, you need to look for trends. Mobile phones have revolutionised how people interact with each other.

Most people would not consider leaving home without their trusty mobile phones in their pocket. People do business on mobile phones; they keep in contact with friends and family via their mobile phones.

To a huge extent texting has replaced telephone conversations as well. Mobile phones in themselves have evolved from the simple implements introduced to the world. Today we have smart phones that have opened up a brand new world.

A new marketing platform

Mobile phones have created a total new marketing platform for businesses that are online as well as bricks and mortar outlets. Many people today do not even bother having landlines anymore, because they can be reached anywhere and anytime on their mobile phones. This makes SMS marketing perfect as a powerful marketing tool. For especially the young adult market, SMS marketing works incredibly well.

To reach young adults, a business must advertise where their target market will see its advertising and react on it. People simply ignore many of the more traditional forms of advertising. With SMS marketing a business has a far greater success rate because people read their SMS messages.

They also do not summarily delete the messages, but keep them for later reference. People in a target market will often go back to the SMS advertisement and then make a decision to convert. This makes a very cost effective way of marketing even more successful.