Tuning Into TV eCommerce Success

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 10 May 2010

Traditionally ITV has been able to rely on its lucrative premium TV advertising revenues – but no longer.

Chief executive Adam Crozier has admitted in the past that perhaps it has been a little slow to react and capitalise on the digital revolution.

Now at least Crozier has made the crucial eCommerce business connection and is looking to use ITV.com and YouView to build a “two-way bridge to the consumer.”

And that is the key. In recent times people have turned to their laptops and increasingly to their mobiles to make purchases, renew subscriptions or buy premium content.

But now TV bosses have realised the humble television too can be so much more than simply an object to tune into your favourite soap – it is a source of an extra revenue stream.

This together with secure integrated payment platforms looks set to make connected-TV the perfect eCommerce vehicle.