A Life in eCommerce Doesn’t Have to be Lonely

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 10 March 2009

If your e commerce site is part of an offline business, you’ve really got it made. You can generate sales, work from home when you want (as long as there’s someone covering the office) and still have personal contact with your colleagues and customers.

However, when your working life is based solely around e commerce, with no interaction with outsiders (apart from the orders you take) it can be devastatingly lonely. It can also be counter-productive.

We have all had the experience of being in a “real life” working environment, even if this was limited to school and college. We know how important networking and sharing of ideas is, and how much better we get things done after spending half an hour chewing over facts and figures in the tea-room. Removing yourself from the flesh-and-blood world of friends and colleagues and instilling yourself at a computer desk all day long, with only the hum of the hardware for company, simply isn’t natural – or productive, for most people.

Running an e commerce site from home can work – but only if you can interact real-time, with professionals like yourself (rather than your family, or the neighbour you chat to about your latest video streaming enterprise). Internet forums just aren’t the same.

Even though we’re an internet company, we at MPP Global have registered offices in a business park. You could do the same. There are hundreds of office blocks in the UK, catering specifically for small firms. They have restaurants, coffee shops and reception areas – in short, all the things you expect from an interactive working environment.