Number one on the communication technology A-list – the mobile phone

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 09 February 2009

Nowadays, even the youngest of the generation appear to depend on these small gadgets to meet, greet and amuse whilst parents ‘relish’ in the thought. On the other hand, businesses strive to keep up with the widening of the SMS stream and the fact that it can act as a simple and quick contact device whenever clients are needed.

Using SMS marketing, companies are able to capture their audience’s interest immediately whilst their marketing and advertising is in front of them.  As soon as a member of the public sees something that interests them, they are bound to have a mobile to hand and can immediately send a short SMS text message to initiate a transaction.

iShop Mobile mCommerce from MPP Global is the most manageable and reputable accessory for interaction, advertising and accessibility.

SMS marketing is incredibly popular now, and therefore the growth in such a marketing tool has made it a mainstream option. Transactions via SMS have become commonplace sufficiently to allow customers to deal with confidence.  As a result, text messaging has become the new email and it appears that mCommerce, the term used to describe transactions initiated through small handheld devices such as the mobile, is becoming the new ecommerce.

Modern companies do not want to miss out on an opportunity to capitalise on growing technology and at MPP Global we have the know-how and specialise in technology allowing involvement of the consumer, and helping companies take advantage of mCommerce.