Connected Christmas TV

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 22 December 2010

There used to be a time when one of the key highlights of Christmas Day was watching the big family afternoon film on TV.

Of course now we can access movies, for a small fee, pretty much anytime we like via our TV, laptops, phones, Xboxes etc, the chances are we probably have already seen it (It’s a choice between Shrek the Third or the Grinch this year).

The way we view films and programmes is not the only thing that has changed – the way we buy has also changed dramatically, with the humble TV set to play an even bigger role in 2011.

The coming together of the internet and the TV through Connected-TV is probably one, if not the biggest, change for the TV industry since the launch of cable.

Millions of connected-TVs are expected to be sold in the next five years and at MPP Global we have been working hard to ensure we are well placed to help Connected-TV manufacturers, content owners and middleware providers drive consumer take-up of the platform.

It is our experience in delivering integrated online payment platforms for the media industry which ensures we’re already tuned into the changes Connected-TV will bring.