Connected Home Content Monetisation: IPTV 2011

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Today marks the first day of the IPTV World Forum at London’s Olympia, and with it certain hot topics are likely to be in the minds of attendees, particularly the monetisation of digital content within the Connected Home, and how best to implement payment services into already established channels.

The development of multilateral digital content in the 21st century through such platforms as apps, IPTV and VOD has created a fourth dimension in terms of approach for content providers. In those terms it is vital to ensure that the monetisation of such content through eCommerce, and particularly payment gateways for content entitlement is approached with a universal coverage. Developing robust eCommerce payment systems that have limited barriers to content entitlement for the user is vital to retaining the attention of demanding consumers in a market already flooded with competing content.

Over the coming months and years with ever expanding layers of content available to consumers and the predicted dramatic rise of on-demand services being accessed through IPTV in the home; 104 million subscribers by 2014 are expected, payment gateways will be an ever increasing feature of digital content, and providers will be expected to ensure they have effective roadmaps for the monetisation of content. The payment industry is likely to be dominated by those providers for whom pursuit of unrivalled connectivity and robust security is the main driving force.

We will be at the IPTV event for the next two days and look forward to discussing how content owners can create multi-platform business models using MPP Global’s cross platform payment solution.