Monetising Digital Content is Big News for Publishers

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 18 March 2011

Over the last 12 months Rupert Murdoch has been steadfast in his commitment to the shift from offline to online content and the monetisation of said digital content. Whilst other international news publishing houses were left mourning the fall of print sales, News International have been leading the way in driving eCommerce driven digital news content that others are quickly following.

The establishment of paywalls for the Times online demonstrated that the subscription model for online content works, with over 200,000 digital users already accessing content. Followed by the Daily; News International’s iPad-only newspaper driven by daily micropayment access or annual subscription, set to come to Europe later this year. Lastly the new iPad app for Sky News which again is powered by a digital eCommerce subscription and offers video-on-demand, live streaming and spool back. These developments are inherent of the commitment within the larger publishing industry to drive content digitally as well as the creation of revenue driven via this media through eCommerce payment solutions .

There are however certain numbers of sceptics surrounding the news who state that the subscription model is not a long term buoy for the industry with many key iPad magazines fading fast in recent months. But with the steady increase in subscribers to what is a now an industry worth in excess of £500 million, it is clear that for publishers to remain competitive with the likes of News International and the other key newspapers, such as market leader Financial Times and the Telegraph Media Group, the move to digital content and online subscriptions is the one industry development too valuable to ignore.

MPP Global’s payment gateway lies at the heart of the Times online as well as other Sky content.