Does The iCloud Provide Competitive Software as a Solution Technology?

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The long awaited Apple iCloud was officially announced on the 6th June. The cloud based software system will allow customers to store music, images, videos, contacts and various other information on the cloud system, which is much like a hard drive in the sky. Apple is not the only major developer of a cloud based storage system with Google’s Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Drive other recent launches. This latest development does beg the question; why is there such hype surrounding the iCloud launch, and will it really push the boundaries of file access technology?

Music sharing platforms and entertainment companies across the globe will be itching to get their hands on the new iCloud Beta, with the hope that that this type of file sharing will offer comparable file upload speeds and access to existing hardware storage.  Requiring no maintenance or syncing, iCloud will ensure that all data including emails and photos will be available across their mobile platforms – the iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as your Mac and PC.  iCloud is competing on price with similar Amazon and Google offerings, and provides a service that could put Apple in pole position in the Cloud system industry. The system also offers song matching through iTunes where your music library is matched against the iTunes library of content and even non iTunes music will be matched with superior quality content automatically, which is a service that  the competition lack, with Amazon and Google offering a time consuming manual uploads. iCloud looks set to take the world by storm providing an automatic, and widely accessible software solution that will save time for the user and will no longer require manual updates.

Industry experts are predicting that cloud based technology is how we will all be using systems in the future, with Microsoft set to launch its own cloud based operating systems and with the rise in recent years of cloud based software applications adding flexibility to working including CRM software and webmail. Cloud does seem to offer the user an experience which is not only seamless in its integration and flexibility but also in a heavily competing marketplace; should also be cost effective. The real long term issue however will always be security and how potentially confidential information can securely be handled within cloud-based solutions.

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