eCommerce Applications

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Saturday, 10 July 2010

There is an app for nearly everything these days – how to do your shopping, read a paper or find your way to practically anywhere.

In the last couple of years the increase in the versatility of the mobile phone has see the mCommerce market grow and grow.

In its infancy we were all impressed that you could download a personal ringtone .Talk about ancient history.

Now secure mobile eCommerce processing means consumers can purchase and pay for premium content, goods and subscriptions globally 24/7.

Major blue chip companies such as M&S are also offering consumers dedicated mCommerce sites to make the shopping experience even easier.

Depending on which report you read mCommerce trends are either up or down – but the delivery of tablets, such as Apple’s PlayBack seem to clearly demonstrate that there is still a huge appetite for mCommerce.